The Raptor Advantage

The Raptor Advantage

If you specialise in concrete floors, precast panels or even some decorative work, then a power trowel is an essential piece of equipment needed to perform these jobs with quality.

Choosing the right power trowel to fit your specifications is an important aspect that will potentially affect the quality and profit of your job. This shows how important it is when choosing your preferred power trowel, so “why choose Raptor?”

Totalsite Supplies has been supplying the Raptor brand throughout New Zealand to the concrete placing and precast industry for over five years. These machines have proven how critical it is to match the right machine with the right job.
One of the benefits with the Raptor brand is the wide range of machines available.

The walk-behind power trowels are available in 24,34,36,40 and 46-inch machines. With such a wide range of walk-behinds means that they cover any job that is required.

24-inch power trowel

The 24-inch power trowel runs a genuine Honda GX160 5.5 horsepower engine, is mainly used for small concrete decorative concrete pours and edging big slabs and tight areas where a larger walk- behind or ride- on wouldn’t be able to get as close in. It is also used communally in small or minimal precast work.
It comes with a collapsible handle for easy storage and transport a rotating guard ring allowing the machine to run along the wall without marking, and a weight of 60kg.

34 and 40-inch power trowels

The 34 and 40-inch power trowels run a genuine Honda GX160 5.5 horsepower engine are great for small concrete floors and used extensively in the precast industry due to their robust design.
They come with a lifting eye for easier transport, cut off switch for safe handling, and are optimally balanced for high-quality finishes. 34-inch machine weights 75kg and 40-inch machine weights 80kg.

36 & 46-inch power trowels

The 36 & 46-inch premium power trowels run a genuine Honda GX270 9 horsepower engine. The majority of these are used for commercial floor placing throughout New Zealand.
The 36 and 46-inch Raptors come equipped with a kill switch for safe handing are optimally balanced for accurate floor finishes and have a lifting eye and attached lifting handle on the machine for easy transport and access to the job. The 36-inch machine has attached foldable wheels making it possible to be used with only one person.

36-inch premium Ride-On power trowel

The TSSRIDE36-P is Raptor’s 36-inch premium ride-on, running a genuine Honda GX690 22 horsepower engine. This machine is used for large floors where time, speed and quality are critical.
This ride-on comes with an electric spray system, heavy duty guard ring, built-in LED lights, inbuilt toolbox with an optimally balanced engine for high-quality finishes and easy mechanical access, water/retarder tank and twin pitch blades that can be individually adjusted for accuracy in finishing. Machine weight is 370kg.

The Raptor brand advantage

Even with these advantages in specifications, the Raptor brand ensures your investment through its robust design, genuine Honda engines and high-quality performance due to its optimally balanced design.
These machines come with a 12-month warranty and are available for pick up or despatch in Totalsite Supplies warehouses throughout New Zealand.
A referral from Bruce Povey from Solid Finish Concrete, who has been in the trade for 35 years and runs the 34-inch Raptor power trowel sums it up: “I’ve been running the 34-inch Raptor for over 3 years now and this machine has never skipped a beat, it is the lifeblood for all the concrete slabs I do.”
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